Reducept is the new virtual reality training that supports the treatment of chronic pain

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What is Reducept?

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Louis Zantema, pain specialist and co-founder of Reducept, explains together with a patient what Reducept is and how it contributes to a long-term reduction of pain symptoms.

How does it work?

You are the healthcare professional, Reducept is the e-health support in your treatment process.

Patient with chronic pain symptoms comes in for treatment

Patient with chronic pain symptoms reports for treatment
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A patient experiences chronic pain. After a conversation with the patient, you decide to start your treatment for this chronic pain. You can expand your treatment with Reducept.

I want to refer my patient to use Reducept

I want to treat my patient with Reducept 

Start Reducept in accordance with the IASP Guidelines for Pain Management at the beginning of the treatment

Start Reducept in accordance with the IASP Guidelines for Pain Management at the beginning of the treatment
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As part of the IASP Guidelines for Pain Management, the patient receives pain education. Reducept offers a visual translation of pain education in a virtual reality environment. This visual support helps patients to better understand the concept of chronic pain. When a patient understands how this pain works in the body, he or she is more able to manage the pain. Due to this, the efficiency of the treatment process increases.

Reducept has been developed in collaboration with both the healthcare professional and the patient. The pain education is delivered in accordance with the IASP Guidelines for Pain Management and is based on, amongst others, the “Explain Pain" theory by Mosely & Butler. Read more about how Reducept is scientifically substantiated here.

Increase in therapy compliance: patients are more involved in the treatment

Increase in therapy compliance, patients are more involved with the treatment
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Patients with chronic pain have often taken many steps already to find the origin of their pain. Due to previous disappointments, it is possible that the patient becomes less involved in the treatment process.

The combination of virtual reality and game elements makes patients enthusiastic about getting started with their own treatment.

Combine Reducept with your treatment process

Combine Reducept with your treatment process
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Reducept is a part of your treatment. You can also decide to allow the patient to use Reducept at home. Then, the patient is able to decide when he or she wants to use Reducept.

Through an automated measuring system, you can see which oy your patients are using Reducept. Moreover, you can easily track the progress made by the patients, including their filled-in pain scores.

In practice, this results in an increased range of motion, a deepening of the conversation and a change in perspective on pain after using Reducept. Reducept consists of different game elements that can be played separately without supervision. You can read more about this in the whitepaper.

At home, the patients know how to manage their pain

At home, the patient knows how to manage their pain
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By combining your treatment process with Reducept, the patient develops new strategies to manage pain. The patient learns to apply these strategies in his or her daily life. 

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Experiences with Reducept


If you want people to perform an exercise schedule, and you have planned Reducept as a part of it, people can often perform the exercise schedule better.




Without strong painkillers, I was not able to sleep through the night. However, after using Reducept o a daily basis for three weeks, I did not have to use painkillers anymore. I can even sleep in a little bit!



Jolanda en Marielle

Reducept makes a difficult topic manageable and understandable!

Jolanda and Marielle


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You can purchase Reducept to help your patients in your practice, or you can refer your patients to a practice nearby.

Reducept in your practice

Reducept in your practice

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Reducept in your practice

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