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In the previous blog I indicated that (chronic) pain can be seen as a struggle taking place in your brain. The alarm system in your brain is always making pain. It is convinced that you need to be protected! The 'thinking' part of your brain doesn't understand it: Where does this pain come from?

16 October 2019 - 16:18
Many pain therapists who treat long-term pain complaints will say that 'less pain' is not the aim of the treatment. Anyone who has pain for a long time simply wants 'less pain' in treatment. Who is right?
11 October 2019 - 06:35

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Louis Zantema

Louis Zantema

Louis Zantema is a health psychologist and expert in the field of pain. Louis is an experienced presenter and writer and the voice of the Reducept Pain Science.

Halfway through his clinical career, Louis made the decision to make his knowledge better available. It was the beginning of Reducept. In his blog he explains how pain works and shares tips and tools for people who want to learn how to reduce the influence of pain in their lives.

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