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If there's one thing your brain prefers to avoid, it's hard work. Our brains are so 'programmed' that they prefer to take the easiest route. Brains prefer lazy rather than tired. This was already mentioned in the previous blog about 'automation'.

27 September 2019 - 09:17

The previous blog was about the fact that what gives you attention is taking up more and more space. Today a sequel. What you often do, becomes more and more 'self-evident' over time. Our brains tend to do tasks that we repeat more and more 'automatically'. 

25 September 2019 - 13:55

This week is a special blog week, which is dedicated to three 'characteristics' of our brain. Our brain has all sorts of habits to lead us through life in easy ways. Although these properties often have a lot of advantages, they certainly also have... disadvantages.

23 September 2019 - 12:57

This is the last blog post in a series of six, the true story of Akkies chronic pain - and how she overcame it. This last blog tells the tips and tricks Akkie used in her recovery.

Akkies tips and strategies

What have I done to achieve my goal?

19 September 2019 - 20:04

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Louis Zantema

Louis Zantema

Louis Zantema is a health psychologist and expert in the field of pain. Louis is an experienced presenter and writer and the voice of the Reducept Pain Science.

Halfway through his clinical career, Louis made the decision to make his knowledge better available. It was the beginning of Reducept. In his blog he explains how pain works and shares tips and tools for people who want to learn how to reduce the influence of pain in their lives.

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