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How do other practitioners use Reducept?

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Reducept supports various forms of treatment. A practitioner can, before or during the session, let a patient go through the education and come back to it with the patient during the treatment session. The same applies to the strategies a patient learns in Reducept to deal with pain in a more positive way: after completing the program, practitioners can use their expertise with the patient to see how these strategies can be applied in daily life. In this way, physiotherapists, psychologists, remedial therapists, (pain) nurses, practice support staff and (general) doctors can use Reducept as an addition to their regular treatment. Pain centers or general practitioners use Reducept to easily offer pain education without direct support. This treatment can be supported by the Reducept app, which allows home training for the patient.

Practical examples are psychologists who use Reducept to provide visual support to explain the concept of chronic pain, after which they can have a more in-depth conversation with the patient. Or, for example, physiotherapists or rehabilitation centers who use Reducept prior to the session, after which the patient can perform the necessary movements more easily. Pain centers, general practitioners and practice assistants use Reducept as an easy way to provide pain education to patients without any necessary support.

How do I use Reducept?

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Reducept is used in addition to your own treatment. Reducept is specifically designed to offer pain education with visual support. This takes 25 minutes. You can also use the training elements separately as a supplement to your own treatment. Each training element lasts for 10 minutes. Upon purchase, you will receive a manual for practitioners explaining how you can use Reducept. You can also choose to let patients work independently at home with Reducept. The patient can download the Reducept app on his or her mobile phone and log into his or her account at home using the code obtained from the institution. This code is valid for 3 months. The training sessions of the patient can be followed remotely on your dashboard.

How often does a patient train with Reducept?

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When you use Reducept for the first time, the patient will complete the full training. This takes 25 minutes. After this, you can repeat the full training again or you can use parts of the training in addition to your treatment. The more often the patient trains, the better they learn the necessary knowledge and make the strategies their own. When you purchase Reducept, you will receive a manual for practitioners that explains how you can use Reducept both in the practice and at home.

How long does the patient train with Reducept?

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It takes 25 minutes to complete the entire Reducept training. You can also choose to offer the training as individual training elements by combining them with your own treatment: each individual training element lasts for 10 minutes. The individual game elements can easily be combined. It is customary for patients to play Reducept several times over a period of four to six weeks for an optimal effect. If the patient starts working with Reducept at home, it is recommended to train at least once a day during this period.

Who is working with Reducept now?

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There are different types of practices that are currently using Reducept. You can find practices, hospitals and rehabilitation centers here.

How often should a practitioner see a patient?

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We advise practitioners to combine the Reducept treatment for a period of at least four weeks. Depending on the number of patient contacts, Reducept can be used for each session. When the patient trains at home with Reducept, you, as a practitioner can follow the patient's progress via the dashboard.

Does it also work for other patient groups?

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Reducept has been specially developed in collaboration with and for patients with chronic pain. There are parts of the training that focus on relaxation, mindfulness, cognition, distraction, and visualization. These are strategies that can also be helpful for other patient groups, but unfortunately, we cannot make any statements about the effect on other target groups ye.

Are there any contraindications?

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We do not recommend using Reducept in the treatment of patients with dementia or serious confusion and when patients do not fall within your area of expertise. In the case of visual disorders, it is possible that patients do not perceive the virtual environment very well. Reducept has been designed in such a way that it rarely leads to nausea or dizziness.

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