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A journey leading to less pain

With Reducept you fight your pain in Virtual Reality. You must be thinking: What? How? Well, let us explain it to you!

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The secret behind Reducept

With chronic pain, the solution not always lies at the center of your pain. Often, it lies within the brain. All the pain you feel, is signalled by the brain. Reducept is the first method that focusses directly at the cause of chronic pain: the brain. Through Virtual Reality we teach the brain to send out less pain signals, this way you experience less pain. Interested? Read more about the research behind it.


How does it work? This is how Reducept helps to lower the pain.

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Don’t worry: we put all frequently asked questions in order.

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Supported by science, made by experts

Reducept only has one mission: put an end on chronic pain, once and for all. A team of experts is currently working very hard to make Louis’s knowledge and treatment techniques available for everyone out there.


Used by professionals from leading clinics

How to train your pain?

  • 10 minutes of training a day
  • Science-based pain treatment
  • Anytime and anywhere available (unless you’re driving)
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