Paying attention to your body: Exercise

Paying attention to your body: Exercise

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Louis Zantema

21 April 2020

Louis is a GZ-Psychologist with a great passion for gaming. For him, a game training that offers therapy is the most valuable thing you can develop: especially for pain complaints, which are on the interesting intersection of body and mind. His aim is to make himself dispensable as a therapist.

"Daddy, we're into an argument" - says my two-year-old son. I have just spoken to him in a strict manner. What do you do when you have a quarrel? - I ask him. Seriously looking, he answers: 'listen carefully'. 

I'm surprised. That's the best advice I've heard in ages, and that of a toddler. 

The argument with ourselves

And in fact, it doesn't just apply to arguing with others, it also applies to arguing with yourself. A quarrel on the inside, so to speak. From this point of view, pain is an internal quarrel. Arguing between yourself and the alarm system. Your brain always finds it necessary to make pain, while you're definitely not agreeing. 

But maybe that alarm system has something to say? Is your brain always upset for a good reason? It could be. In any case, it wouldn't hurt to 'listen' to your body, to pay attention to the pain. 

attention body

Paying attention to your pain

Giving attention to your pain and body, practicing with it, is central this week. The exercise that goes with it this week is a body scan. The body scan is an exercise from the mindfulness, in which you feel your body step by step. A good exercise to slowly solve the quarrel with your alarm system.



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