The three pillars for more energy

The three pillars for more energy

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Gijs Esders

6 July 2020

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Chronic pain and fatigue, it often goes together. We often see in people suffering from chronic pain that the energy level drops. Small simple things like going to the supermarket, taking a walk or gardening in the sun can be tiring. 

In the Reducept Pain Podcast (Dutch) I spoke with Martijn van der Windt, a certified Wim Hof instructor. Wim Hof, more commonly known as 'The Iceman', his method focuses on breathing, cold training and meditation. It has now been medically proven that Wim Hof can steer his body in a special way, and that he can also teach that to others. Not only to be able to withstand cold during a half marathon above the polar circle. But for example also to fight diseases in the body, or just to be fitter, sharper, healthier and more positive.
Martijn explained to me what breathing exercises and exposure to can mean for someone. How these exercises lead to the natural boosting of your immune system, an improved blood circulation and more energy. 

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The power of breathing 

We all do it unconsciously: breathe. However, through an increasingly comfortable life, we have all begun to breathe more superficially. We don't have to hunt our food anymore and we don't have to worry about making fire. 

In the breathing exercises we first pump ourselves completely full of oxygen, which leads to the creation of mitochondria (our energy makers in the cells). At the same time, however, your CO2 level drops and waste products are discharged faster through your blood. 

You also increase your adrenaline level. Due to stress, we produce a little adrenaline throughout the day. However, a large dose of adrenaline is now and then much more normal and healthy. This ensures that you get energy! 

Don't fear the cold

After the breathing exercises you are supposed to give yourself a stress boost, namely cold showering! Don't step immediately under a cold shower for 3 minutes, but slowly build this up from, for example, 20 seconds to 3 minutes. 

After this you will immediately feel sharp, fit and energetic. Because of the cold the skin closes itself off completely, but the moment you step out of the shower the blood flows deeper back into your skin. In addition, cortisol (stress hormone) is released, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. 

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With breathing and cold showering you step on the gas pedal of your body a bit more. With the meditation exercises you just step on the brake pedal again and get back into balance. With these exercises you stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. When you enter into deep relaxation you know that the neurotransmitter acetylcholine has been produced! 


Are you also ready to embrace the cold and feel more energetic? 
Then you can look back on the podcast with Martijn van der Windt or listen to it via Spotify

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