Virtual Reality for Pain: Treatments

Virtual Reality for Pain: Treatments

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Louis Zantema

5 January 2020

Louis is a GZ-Psychologist with a great passion for gaming. For him, a game training that offers therapy is the most valuable thing you can develop: especially for pain complaints, which are on the interesting intersection of body and mind. His aim is to make himself dispensable as a therapist.

Besides distraction, what is possible with Virtual Reality? In this blog more about the value VR treatment can really add in the handling of complaints.

Literal translation of treatments

Whereas the added value of VR treatment was first primarily investigated in the case of distraction, more and more possibilities gradually became available. Especially when it became clear that VR could really be used as a therapy! 

In recent years we have seen that the quality of VR glasses is improving and the headsets are becoming more affordable. This will also lead to more parties developing therapies for VR. 

Most VR treatment and therapies often literally translate existing exercises and environments into VR. Someone gets to see what they are afraid of, to overcome the fear. For example a fear of spiders, vertigo or agoraphobia. In VR, someone is shown images of something that would normally be very exciting or annoying.


The advantage of these VR treatment is that it becomes easier to do existing exercises. Especially when it comes to fears that would otherwise be difficult to find or expensive, it can be a godsend. Think for example of the fear of flying. Or a traumatic war experience that can be experienced again. 

Moving in VR

Another literal translation of treatments, VR treatment in which someone trains the body. Exercises that often have to be done, can be done in VR. Often these programs also apply game components to make the exercises more fun.

The new generation?

In this week's latest blog the 'latest generation' of VR treatment. These are VR interventions where the unique possibilities of VR are optimally used. Not only to 'literally' train something, but to experience a story that has a meaning that has a bearing on daily life... 

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